Story ideas for back to school

Story Ideas

Ainsleigh, Mia, and Sophia Story Ideas

1.  Caffeine Addiction Recovery Month

  • General Topic & Section:
    • National Caffeine Addiction Recovery Month
    • Survey/News
  • News Value: Impact/Immediacy/Emotion/Novelty/Conflict:
    • Impact → effects without daily coffee
    • Immediacy → national month
    • Emotion → health repercussions
    • Novelty → number of people drinking coffee
    • Conflict → the pros + cons, money spent/wasted on it, how people think it has affected them (good + bad), coffee vs. tea?
  • Resources: Quotes Sources:
    • students
    • some teachers
    • employees → local Starbucks + Dunkin Donuts → if they see more students vs. adults each morning, how often students come in, etc.
  • Research:
  • Visual possibility:
    • kids with coffee at school, in line, etc.
  • Survey Question:
    • How often do you drink caffeinated beverages?
    • How often do you feel reliant on these caffeinated products?
    • What’s your caffeinated drink of choice?
  • Possible Interview Questions:
    • *See survey questions*
    • When did you become addicted to caffeine?/How long have you been drinking caffeine?
    • How has this impacted you physically/emotionally?
    • How reliant are you on caffeine?
    • Have you ever tried to quit drinking (such an excessive amount of) caffeine?
    • Are you aware of the health repercussions that come with drinking caffeine regularly? If so, how do you reconcile this within yourself?


  • Do you see more students/kids or adults each day on average?
  • What schools do you see most students coming from?
  • Do you recognize faces that come in regularly?
  • Do you find yourself addicted to caffeine (being surrounded by it)?
  • How has witnessing the other side of this industry changed your own personal views on caffeine consumption?

Story ideas for back to school

Story Ideas

By Anna and Kendall

Article Ideas


A Look into smoking among students

News Value: Impact

Quotes from student smokers, non smoker students who hold opinions against/for in-school smoking

Visual: Students Smoking

How has smoking impacted your education?

How would allowing students smoke in/near school affect your education?

Do you feel that allowing smoking would promote a smoking culture at BLS?

What concerns do you have about smoking in/near school?

Story ideas for back to school

Story Ideas

By Daniel, Claire, and Shim

Breast Cancer Awareness

Family members, students impacted by it. Can be emotional for those affected by it.

Could do feature on cancer survivor at my school in particular.

Resources: People at school, doctors


Visual Possibility: Picture of interviewee, or picture of relay or awareness for cancer

Survey Question: Have you been affected by cancer?

Possible interview questions: How did cancer affect your lifestyle?

How did your support group help you get through cancer?

How did you deal with cancer mentally?

Story ideas for back to school

Story Ideas

By Kate, Alex, and Carolina

  • Suicide coverage
    • What the school plans to do in the future
    • New prevention program
    • Small scale coverage
  • Bilingual Child Month (October)
    • Talk about percentages of bilingual children in the (nation, school, etc)
    • Interviews with bilingual students
  • Goals (Self-Improvement month)
    • Talk to the clubs about goals
    • Talk to school government
    • Hit the streets-go on the prowl for info
  • Social Media
    • Connecting people
    • How new kids can get to know old kids prior to their school year
  • Head of schools flip from all male to all female
    • Feminism reaching academy?
  • Homecoming controversy
  • Sports favoritism
  • Support for the arts

Story ideas for back to school

Story Ideas

By Claire, Daniel, Shim


Breast Cancer Awareness Month of October, Feature

Immediacy and Emotion
Interview someone who has battled cancer or has a relative who has
American Cancer society ( /
Picture of person
Do you know anyone who has been affected by cancer?

-When were you/they diagnosed?
-How do you think it affected your friends and family?
-What kinds of treatment did you /they go through?

Story ideas for back to school

Story Ideas

Story Ideas from Jordyn Stupp, Nathan, and Jesse

September 13th is National Bald is Beautiful day

  • novelty: multiple bald teachers and coaches at school (Clower, Wachs, Robe, etc…)
  • visual: funny picture of all the bald teachers, pictures of them with and without hair
  • value: some of the favorite teachers and coaches on campus, students can relate because they have some of these specific teachers and coaches
  • research: there is a large amount of bald teachers,
  • survey question: how many students have had a bald teacher at Campbell Hall
  • Possible interview questions: How many years have you been bald? When did you start balding? Did chose did you to be bald?