Blank devotes spare time to ice dance, but not on ice

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By Siri Kanter

Her passion was not one that developed over time. Rather, it took only an afternoon of watching television to spark an interest that has lasted for over four years.

Julia Blank’s extensive knowledge on ice dance stems from simply observing it once. After the sport was exposed to her during the 2014 Olympic Games, Blank’s adoration and curiosity progressed into exploring various aspects of ice dance and its tactics.


The Mournful Mallet Attack

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By Susie Lloyd

It was a warm, sunny day in Northeast Harbor, Maine, and the only thing on eight-year-old Maddie Leisenring’s agenda was to play a pleasant game of croquet while trying to impress her summer crush, Henry. However, she quickly learned that everything does not always go as planned.

Snowboarding Gone Wrong

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by Anna Tsioulias

Sally Stouffer wobbled onto the top of the mountain. She took a deep breath. Her first time snowboarding, Sally nervously looked down the steep slope. She hesitantly leaned back and started slowly gliding forward. Suddenly, she stumbled backwards and fell.

Last year over spring break, Sally and her friend Caroline visited Beaver Creek, Colorado to go snowboarding. “I have been skiing for almost my entire life, but decided to give snowboarding a try instead,” Stouffer said.

Susie’s great fall

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By Eli Marcus

Susie Lloyd finished her Romeo and Juliet test in Ms. Bonnar’s English 9 class and she was far from confident in her answers. But little did she know, a clumsy mistake was about to change her emotions completely.

She walked up to the front of the class to submit her exam, nervous about her performance and wanting to get it off her mind. When she got there, though, she realized she had left her test document on her desk, prolonging her state of anxiety. So, Lloyd bolted back to her desk to snatch it up.

Upon retrieving it, Lloyd turned and made a Beeline for the front of the room once again, anxious to turn it in. She wasn’t exactly focused on her surroundings, though, as she prepared to put it in the turn-in folder. This proved to be costly, as what happened next demonstrated exactly why running in classrooms is very dangerous.

Siri Kanter takes tragic spill

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By Sonia Griffen

At 14 years old, Siri Kanter’s worst fear of peeing on airplanes became even worse: she peed all over the bathroom floor of the plane, and the tragedy did not stop there.

Although she has a fear of airplanes, especially bathrooms in planes, Kanter was halfway through her flight to Antigua with her family when she really had to pee. She went to the bathroom, but as she was peeing, she felt it trickling down her legs.

Sarcasm According to Sasha

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By Willa Yonkman

“That shirt looks terrible on you. Take it off,” is something Sasha Wayman, queen of a specific brand of sarcasm layered in irony, would say as she passed a close friend in the hallway.

The use of sarcasm can be viewed as a cynical or even mean-spirited coping device for the awkward situation, or simply a lazy form of dark humor. But Wayman has mastered the art of wielding a sharp wit and dry sense of humor for all the right reasons.

Girl Meets Water: An Unfortunate Dip in the Sea

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By Julia Blank

With her eyes focused on merchandise and prestige, Sonia Griffen took her place among the world of elite sailors and set off to sea for her race. However, the cold and rough waters of Maine led her in a different path.

As the small ocean town of Northeast Harbor, Maine, geared up to host the Junior Olympic Sailing competition, one of their tasks was to invite their sailing club’s sailors to enter in their competition. Among these sailors was Griffen, excited to merely take part in such a reputable event at the young age of 10.

Willa Yonkman And The Big Book

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By Grace Yang

Moments before she slammed the 870 page Harry Potter book down onto Sam’s head, third grader Willa Yonkman decided to put an end to Sam’s constant and never-ending taunting.

In a split second decision, Yonkman concluded she would end the taunting once and for all by making a statement like no other: taking the very book Sam was making fun of her for and striking him on the head with it.

Cyber crushed: Stone stalks her way to embarrassment

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By Gabriela Paz-Soldan

While down the dark rabbit hole that is cyberstalking, an accidental double tap on Instagram sent Emily Stone into a panic. A large white heart illuminated her iPhone screen, which signified that the terrible mistake was now irreversible.

In 8th grade, Stone liked a three-year-old post of her crush’s sister. Her crush confronted her about the incident the next day at school.

A Sticky Situation: Yang Couldn’t Pop Out of This One

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By Amanda Yep

With poprocks dispersed throughout his hair, Chris Yang stared straight at his friend’s mother as he lied about eating the hard candy that had previously popped, crackled, and fizzled in his mouth.

Yang was just a little third-grader staying up until midnight with his friends during a sleepover. But little did he know that his hunger, and his friends’ hunger, would have him caught red-handed, or should one say, pop-rock-handed in front of another parent.