The Weight of Gender: How Appearance Plays a Role in Journalism and Photography for Females


By Neve Scott

Women, being so mechanically judged by their appearance, have had the misfortune of society ignoring all that lies behind it. For two female sports journalists and one former freelance photographer, sexism has infiltrated their career from the very beginning.

     Competing  against men in the mostly male realm of journalism, particularly sports journalism and broadcast, women experience sexism in every aspect of the job.


The Laptop: Going from Filmmaking to Journalism

Profile Stories

By Ben Coulthard

All Sasha Narang needed was a new laptop and a little bit of curiosity. She didn’t know it at first, but the seemingly useless iMovie app on her computer’s toolbar opened up an entirely new passion for her. While her friends excelled in sports or music, Sasha found her niche doing editing and filmmaking on her laptop.

Brace Yourself

Profile Stories

By Olivia Weinberg

Collette felt the hot tears streaming down her face, cascading onto the page, and blurring her scribbled science definitions. She had just been caught cheating and knew imminent doom was drawing near.

Collette was always a good student, never lied, and stayed out of trouble. She had just needed a couple of science terms to add to her notes in order to get credit from her teacher. The minute the lunch aid came over and asked her what she was doing, her nerves got the better of her.

Lerner Hall Changes Columbia’s Campus


By Matthew Traum

Filled largely with classical buildings built in the early 1900’s, most of Columbia’s main campus is, as Daniel Alabi said, “Ivy-Leaguesque.” Alfred Lerner Hall, with a 5,600 square-foot glass facade, showing a circulation of ramps and stairs certainly stands out.

Lerner Hall’s architecture is very modern. It stands out from the more classic buildings near it on Columbia’s campus.  It is one of the newest buildings in Columbia.

A Stress-Reliever, Confidence Booster, and Best Friend

Opinion Pieces

By Jessica Reck

I slam the front door behind me as I run inside my house, making a noise so loud the house shakes from the vibration. I jump onto my pillow-top bed, reaching for the charcoal notebook by my pillow.

I flip through the filled pages and begin to write on a fresh one. My journal acts as a therapist, it listens and doesn’t judge me. As a busy, stressed out teenage girl, I need to blow off steam occasionally.

Not Such an Ethical Culture After All

Opinion Pieces

By Ariana Reichler

*The following opinion piece contains strong language and content.*

Ethical Culture Fieldston School, as one might assume based on its name, is supposed to be an institution of the absolute highest moral standards.  It prides itself in its diversity, acceptance, and ethical behavior.  Therefore, one might be surprised to hear of the insensitive, degrading, and blatantly unethical comments that are said on a far too regular basis on campus.

The Death of Good Old-Fashioned Reading

Opinion Pieces

By Emily Thompson

One. The number of books I’d read in a school day in public school. One. The number of books I read recreationally my freshman year at Baldwin. Funny how that happens. Not really.

Baldwin advertises itself as the number one all-girls school on the Main Line, and Niche voted Baldwin the number one private school in the state. What I want to know is how such a distinguished school can supply its students with such strong tools but deprive them of the time to cultivate one of the most important skills a student can have: the curiosity for and passion of reading.

Concerts are Meant to be Watched, Not Snapchatted

Opinion Pieces

By Sasha Narang

Sure. There are far more ground breaking issues than this – another Kardashian divorce or a political debate would easily turn more heads. But after containing my thoughts since a Hannah Montana concert in sixth grade, I can’t help but express the unpopular opinion I’ve held for all of eternity: people overuse their cell phones during concerts.